The 2nd Annual Big Bash Weekend featuring Erin Morris & Ryan Calloway!

Join us for an Intensive experience for 25 total couples with one highly talented set of instructors, Erin Morris & Ryan Calloway! Happening April 19-21st, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. With classes held at the Mercury Cafe in downtown Denver. The weekend will feature 8 hours of classes, social dancing to live music, and several competitions. There is some fantastic pricing on this weekend, so read on to find out if you’re a qualifying dancer, and if you are, SIGN UP TODAY in the middle of the page! Those who sign up earlier are rewarded with the lowest price tier!

About the classes:

This is an Intensive weekend working on lindy hop, solo jazz, and choreography with Erin Morris and Ryan Calloway. Known throughout the world for their unique individual styles, ability to create highly musical routines, and highly informative teaching styles.

What is an Intensive weekend, you ask? An Intensive weekend is a great way to quickly improve your dancing, explore new ideas, and build a solid rapport with your colleagues and teachers. With a class size capped at 25 couples, you'll be taking 8 hours of classes with the same colleagues, and only one set of instructors. This allows you to get a large amount of individual attention, to build rapport with instructors who are able to mold the classes to fit the individual dancing styles in the class. This allows you to improve at a much faster pace.

This workshop weekend is geared towards Intermediate+ and Advanced dancers. There are no formal class auditions during the weekend, rather we ask that you self-assess, or contact us for feedback on your dancing before signing up. In order to maintain a high-level of learning in the classes, we ask that dancers meet the following criteria.

Dancer criteria:

- You know the Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, and Big Apple. Or you have learned other solo jazz routines created by historic or current day role models in the swing dance community.

- You can, with good technique, execute a swing out, lindy circle, tuck turn, underarm pass by, and are able to transition in and out of partner charleston (side by side and tandem at a minimum, hacksaws for extra credit), without fudging the footwork, up to 220 bpm.

-You are working to create your own sequences and routines, and looking for a way to meaningfully contribute to the art of lindy hop.

- You're always interested in learning and refining technique, and as such, you love to nerd out on every little detail of the swing out, and other moves from the classic repertoire.

- You spend time watching, analyzing, and copying vintage swing clips.


Pricing for the weekend is based on Tier pricing. There are a certain number of passes available at each tier level. This awards those who register early with a lower price.

The pass includes 8 hours of classes with Erin Morris and Ryan Calloway AND entrance to the Big Bash featuring the Red Hot Rhythm Rockets on Saturday night at the Mercury Cafe. *The pass does not include competition fees.

Tier 1 - First 12 dancers - $79
Tier 2 - Dancers 13-24 - $89
Tier 3 - Dancers 25-36 - $99

Classes WILL NOT be available a la carte. We are looking for dancers who are willing to commit to a full 8 hours of classes on Saturday and Sunday, April 20th and 21st.

Saturday's Big Bash: $20 at the Door
Mix & Match Competitions: $5 per dancer
Strictly Competition: $10 per couple


The 2nd Annual BIG BASH is OVER! Thanks for coming! We’ll see you next year!

  • There are no refunds for missed sessions or for inclement weather, unless the workshop itself is cancelled!

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Something we didn't cover? Questions about your level?  write us at

Your instructors:

Ryan Calloway shines on the dance floor. His enthusiasm, buoyant rhythm and boundless creativity make him one of San Francisco’s best known Lindy Hop leaders. Most nights you’ll find him pounding the floor at one of the city’s local jazz and swing clubs.

Ryan’s goal as a teacher is to inspire his students to find their own creativity. With an open and warm style, he welcomes individuals to not only learn the traditions of Vintage Jazz Dance, but to add to it as well. Having worked for seven years as a Visual Effects Artist for ILM, you might have caught some of his work on the silver screen. It’s this type of artistry that is so apparent in his dancing. It’s not just his technique that shines, it’s his attention to the aesthetic quality as well. For more on Ryan’s art, check out his site or visit him on Instagram.

Ryan is also passionate about carrying on the tradition of Hot Jazz music. He is the clarinetist and bandleader of the San Francisco based band, The Hot Baked Goods. Lindy Hop has taken Ryan Calloway around the world, having taught in Singapore and throughout the US. But you’ll only need to look as far as his smile to see how much he truly loves the dance.

Erin Morris 3 - Photo by Braden Nesin.png

Erin Morris is a champion solo jazz dancer, celebrated lindy hop artist, and a working jazz musician. She is a formidable improviser and spirited partner, able to draw upon a wealth of musical knowledge and vernacular dance movement. Her strongest influences are Katherine Dunham and Leon James and, of course, the music itself. In the classroom she is renowned for her depth and clarity, and she strives to develop artists and individuals. She is very proud that none of her students ever look like her. She has taught, performed, and competed around the world.

Erin began teaching dance in 1999 for the University of Michigan swing club. She invested more than a decade in her home lindy hop scene and spent four years teaching primarily as a lead to meet the unique challenges of that scene. In 2011 she founded Michigan’s first chorus girl troupe, Erin Morris & Her Ragdolls, to explore her voice as a choreographer and to become an ambassador for women in jazz. She choreographed more than 40 original routines for the Ragdolls and worked closely with local band leaders, including the acclaimed James Dapogny, to present revues and performances that featured live music.

Erin moved to St. Louis in 2016 to continue her journey as a working musician and dancer. She is currently developing a traditional jazz program for local high schools that combines jazz band with dance class.



10:00-11:00 am - Lindy Hop
11:15-12:15 - Lindy Hop
12:30-1:30 pm - Solo Jazz
1:30-3:00 pm Lunch Break
3:00-4:00 pm - Solo Jazz
4:15-5:15 pm - Solo Jazz

Saturday Night Dance

8:00 pm - Big Bash Dance Begins
8:30 pm - Red Hot Rhythm Rockets, 1st set
9:00 pm - Contest Registration Closes
9:30 pm - Pre-Lims for Mix & Match and Strictly
9:45 pm - Red Hot Rhythm Rockets, 2nd set
10:30 pm - Finals for Mix & Match and Strictly
1:00 am - Dance ends

Contest Entry Fees:
Mix & Match $5 per dancer
Strictly $10 per couple
*contest sign-up is at the dance!


12:00-1:00 pm - Lindy Hop
1:15-2:15 pm - Creating Choreography
2:30-3:30 pm - Creating Choreography


The Erin Morris & Ryan Calloway Intensive AND The Big Bash are held at Denver's very own Home of Happy Feet, the legendary Mercury Cafe:

The Mercury Cafe
2199 California Street
Denver, CO 80205