Upcoming Workshops

Learn to Swing Dance in a day: 1940’s Winter Ball edition!

Click the pic for all of the info on our 3-hour “Learn to Swing Dance in a Day” workshop coming up Saturday, November 17th! It’s going to be a blast, a great way to stay warm for the season, and the best way to get ready for the Ball!

Past Workshops

Here is a small taste of the types of Workshops we've held in the past and will hold again in the future...

The Jamin Jackson Lindy Hop Workshop!

We had an amazing time all weekend long with dancer extraordinaire Jamin Jackson (4/21-22/2018)! We also hosted The Big Bash on Saturday night with Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles, with the Big Bash Bounce (a Luck of the Draw contest) and the Big Bash Battle (a strictly dance contest). We hope YOU'LL join us next time!

The Stefan & Bethany Fancy Workshop!

We had an awesome Master Class for the Intermediate Lindy Hopper with World Class instructors Stefan Durham & Bethany Powell!  (4/1/2017)

-Hour 1: Anything Can Happen; How to Be Ready for It
-Hour 2: Technique for all Tempos
-Hour 3: Make Friends with the Floor

The Todd & Ramona Lindy Hop Intensive!

We had a fabulous weekend with International Superstar Instructors Todd Yannacone (New Orleans) and Ramona Staffeld (Melbourne, Australia) for a one-day Intermediate+ Lindy Hop Intensive.  In the evening, we also held one heroic Superhero Swing Dance where people came dressed as their own Superheroes or Supervillains of Swing!  Excelsior!

The Big Apple Workshop

The Big Apple is a vintage era choreography so classic that it's a veritable dictionary of early Jazz movement! It's one of our favorite dances and we know you'll love it too. Stay tuned for the next time we teach this dance!

Winter Seasonal Workshop 2017

Ten awesome instructors, Five hours of dancing fun, with a diverse set of themes as different as the dancers teaching them:  Adding Shag to Your Lindy, Stringing Together Combos, Our Favorite Moves, Following the Follower, and Remarkable Rhythms were the names of the courses!

Fall Seasonal Workshop 2016

Eight of Denver's best teachers, Four hours, One great day, Too much fun!  Both students and teachers had a great time, and we're looking forward to our next one coming soon!

Aerials in the park

In the warmer months we like to hold Aerials in the Park, where we work with students and team members on their Swing tricks and lifts.


The send off workshop for Freeman Bacon, one of Denver's premiere Lindy Hoppers, before he set off for overseas dancing, teaching, and travelling! Freeman covered topics that he excels at, along with co-teacher Skye Festog. This workshop happened December 2017!