December Reboot

Enjoy the holidays by learning dance on a swing dance team! The Mercury Retros will start learning a new routine in December, this is the PERFECT time to jump in! During the first two months, we will work on choreography as well as perfecting technique, body movement, and partner connection. The third month will be more technique focused, with exercises for improving lead and follow connection. This will also be the month when we'll be performing our routine around town at several different locations! It's best if you bring a partner to work with, but if you can't find one...come anyway, we'll work you into the mix! Fill out the section below with your name and email address, if you're interested in joining a team and any questions you may have about it. The first practice will be Monday, December 4th, 2017!


Name *



When: Monday Nights 6:30-8:15pm
Where: First Avenue Presbyterian Church 120 W 1st Ave Denver, CO 80223
Cost: $50/month
         $40/month Student Rate
          (with current school I.D.)