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Learn to Lindy Hop: A Vintage Swing Dance!

Sign up today to learn the Lindy Hop: A Vintage Swing Dance born in Harlem, NY alongside Jazz music in the 1930's & '40's! Lindy is a joyful dance and will put a smile on your face. Our 4-week series will get you ready to strut your stuff on the dance floor!

This is 4-week progressive series for the beginner Lindy Hopper. We start from square one, teaching the basic rhythms, footwork, and technique. By the end, you'll have several classic moves to use on the social dance floor! Each class builds upon the previous one, so sign up for the whole month!

Once you have the basics nailed (we suggest taking the Beginning class for at least two months) hop on up to this class! Our theme for the Intermediate session this month is "Tempo and Rhythm Changes!" We'll be practicing new skills each week as we work on improving our Lindy technique, communication skills, and styling with tempo changes, fascinatin’ rhythm, and fancy footwork!

...class is held every Thursday at the Mercury Cafe, and there's a social dance afterward from 8-midnight!

$10 drop-in per student per class, or sign up for the ENTIRE month $35 and save $5!*
Dance is $8 DJ or $10 Live Band
*classes and dance are sold separately

The Mercury Cafe
2199 California St.
Denver, CO 80205


Swing Dance Class Packages
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  • Registration is for Thursday night Lindy Hop classes at the Mercury Cafe!

  • All Dances (Thursdays & Sundays) and Sunday Jitterbug classes are Drop-in: there is no pre-registration required!

  • You can also pay at the door with check or cash. Credit cards are only accepted online!

  • No partner is required! One half of the class elects to rotate partners throughout class, and those who do, generally learn the basics faster!

  • There are no refunds for missed sessions!

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