Thursday Recap: Week 4 January 2017

Beginning Lindy Hop

The finish to our January series!  We continued working on the choreography: A Swing Out from closed, a Swing Out from open, a Circle, and our "quick quick slow" pattern.  We also talked about Double Tuck Turns from closed position that can be used to transition into open position or back into closed!  It was fun working with you all, and we'll see you next month!

Intermediate Lindy Hop

This was week four of Fascinatin' Rhythm!  We worked with a fun stylish rhythm within the Swing Out pattern while using level changes at the same time.  We talked about "falling" into our 3 & 4 within the Swing Out, and then worked on a complicated pattern featuring a head duck, a wrap, a tuck, and a re-direct of our partner's momentum.