Thursday Recap: Week 1 December

We had an awesome kick off to Swing Nights' 5 week Lindy Hop series for December. Take a look at the recap videos to remember what you learned, and check out the pictures from the social dance!

Beginner Lindy Hop

In the Beginner class, we practiced the 8 count rhythm, jockeying in place to begin a dance, the flip flop, and a swing out from closed. Don't forget to practice the 8 count lindy hop rhythm everywhere you go! ;)

Intermediate Lindy Hop

In the Intermediate class we started a Charleston series by going over the technique of side by side Charleston. We played around with the different building blocks of the dance, adding in walks or adding in extra kicks to extend the normal 8 count pattern. We also learned the leader's kick behind and the follow's kick behind. At the end, we got a taste of Charleston swing outs...we'll be building on these in Week 2!


Thursday night dances at the Merc are always a BLAST! This week we had Rachel Wolfe and Anthony Carusiello DJ'ing some sweet tunes for us to dance to. We also had a surprise performance by 23 Skidoo! Enjoy these pictures from the night! Photo Credit: Ceth Stifel