Thursday Recap: Week 2 December

Beginner Lindy Hop

In Beginning class we built upon what we learned last week!  We introduced the Liquid Step, continued with Flip-Flops, a Swing Out from closed position, and then Swing Outs from open.  Followers learned about swivels in place of their 1 & 2, and Leaders replaced their Rock Step with a Kick-Ball-Change.

Also, 95% of the students in this class said they preferred chocolate over sugar candy!  :)

Intermediate Lindy Hop

In Intermediate we continued our exploration of Charleston within Lindy Hop!  We modified our Swing Outs with Charleston styling.  Then we played with alternating kicks in Side by Side Charleston, and worked on a transition into Hand to Hand aka “Pancake Charleston”.  We had a good time working with y'all!


It was a cold night, but dancing kept us warm!  DJ’s Dani Botello & Chip Self kept us hopping all night long, and Alan Davies proved that once again, a Snowball dance is always better when he’s behind the mic.  Check out Swing Nights on Facebook for the complete photo gallery.  See you next time!