Thursday Recap: Week 4 December

Beginning Lindy Hop

We had guest instructor Freeman Bacon teaching with Dani tonight!

After reviewing the Swing Out from Closed, a Swing Out, and two Grouchos from previous weeks, we worked on some new material.  We led some outside turns (hands connected) or spins (letting go with both hands) on the back half of the Basic Swing Out.  We also worked on continuous swivels for the Follows in open position, while the Leaders anchored with a Tacky Annie styling, before leading back into a Swing Out.

Intermediate Lindy Hop

Dani & Freeman continued our Charleston series discussing different ways that we can dress up our Pancake Charleston:  choosing from Over-the-Tops, twists, and continuous turns.  With each of these you can practice them singly (one per side), or throw them all together for a really athletic look!

Holiday Swing Dance

We had so much fun together at our Holiday Dance!  We danced all night, and still found time for a White Elephant Gift Exchange, a Bad Sweater Contest, and performances by both the Mercury Retros and the QuickSilvers!  And we're so lucky to have The Jazz Monsters with us next week!