Thursday Recap: Week 2 February 2017

Beginning Lindy Hop

Week 2 built upon last week's strong foundation.  In addition to the Liquid Step, the Flip Flop, and the Swing Out from closed, we worked on the Swing Out from open position.  We also learned a couple of basic stylings for leads & follows: the kick-ball-change and swivels, respectively.

Keep working on those basic rhythms... it only gets easier when we do!

Intermediate Lindy Hop

We continued our series on Lead & Follow Technique: The Circle of Influence!  We worked on listening to each other throughout the dance, using different exercises that can directly correlate to better connection, floorcraft, and subtly influencing each other with style and finesse.  We had a lot of fun presenting this material and saw so many good things happening on the dance floor!

We also worked on a fun move with a slowed down triple rhythm that challenged us all to connect, simplify, and initiate movement from our core.


We had a blast tonight dancing to the always classy Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles!  It was such a great show, and so much fun to experience.  Also, there were a lot of dancers visiting from out of town, as this was the unofficial kick-off dance of Lindy Diversion.  Lindy Diversion is going to have it's final dance on Sunday at the Merc, so we'll see you all again soon!

Click through for more photos from the night!