Thursday Recap: Week 3 February 2017

Beginning Lindy Hop

Anthony Carusiello helped out with both classes tonight!  We added a Block within a Swing Out and a Lindy Circle to the mix, so that we now have six moves in our sequence: the Liquid Step, the Flip Flop, a Swing Out from closed position, a Swing Out from open position, and now the Block, and a Circle.  Switching up this sequence will get you through an entire song using Lindy Hop on the dance floor!

Intermediate Lindy Hop

We practiced completely flipping the footwork, flow, and lead of some of our basic Lindy patterns.  We worked on Swing Outs, Circles, and The "S" Turn into Tandem Charleston... all on the opposite side!  It's a great challenge to practice both sides of the body, and to work on our coordination and footwork at the same time.


We had a great time with Stefan Durham & Bethany Powell DJ'ing!  The night finished out with an awesome Soul & Motown set.  Click here for more photos!