Thursday Recap: Week 4 February 2017

Beginning Lindy Hop

We finished up February talking a lot about the fundamentals and best practices to make what we've learned throughout the month feel even better than before!  We also added one move at the very end... watch the video to see what it is!

Intermediate Lindy Hop

We finished up our Circle of Influence series on Lead & Follow Connection by taking our inspiration from the world of tap dance and the Shim Sham.  First we worked with our partner with a call & response, taking the idea of 'trading eights' and working with movement instead of taps.

We also worked on the five major steps of the Basic Shim Sham and used exercises to try to start putting them into unexpected places within our dancing!


It was a cold night, but we had a great time celebrating the new EP release of Jeremy Mohney. Be sure to support his new music at either his website or on bandcamp!