Thursday Recap: Week 5, March 2017

Beginning Lindy Hop

We finished up the March Beginning Lindy series with the Mini Dip!  We also worked on the fluidity of our Outside Turns to make the Texas Tommy comfortable and smooth.  Congratulations for making it through an entire month of Lindy Hop!

Intermediate Lindy Hop

For the finish of our Fun Social Moves series we worked on a Rhythm Circle. We had a "Choose Your Own Adventure" ending.  Leaders could skip the Follow in front of them with a send-out (embellished with Breezy Knees), or lead a Pop-Turn behind them with a fancy catch into a Swing Out.  Nice work everyone!


Brittney Caraway & Rachel Wolfe spun with the DJ theme: Female Vocalists for Women's History Month. It was another great night of dancing and fun! Thanks for coming out, we'll see you next time, and check out our Facebook Page for more photos from the night...