Thursday Recap: Week 1, April 2017

Beginning Lindy Hop

We're excited for the April series of Beginning Lindy Hop, and we hope you are too!

After finding some great connection between our partnerships, we worked on the basic Lindy Hop rhythm and some basic movements.  Specifically the Liquid Step and the Flip Flop.  We then worked into our Swing Out from Closed position.  Keep practicing that footwork!

Intermediate Lindy Hop

Our theme for the month is Back to the Basics: Improving Connection!  

We're looking for more relaxed Swing Outs and worked on some exercises to improve our flow and connection.  We also challenged both Leads and Follows to try to incorporate more kick-ball-changes (in exchange of rock steps) into their dancing.  Whenever you feel a rock step coming on... kick-ball-change it instead for an instant variation!

For tonight's material we talked about the basic Block, Circle, Promenade, and Yo-yo.  On the second pass through, we made everything a bit more challenging and added in interesting turns.  Practice all of these moves on the social floor!  If you're not challenging yourself, it's hard to improve.


DJ's Freeman Bacon & Stefan Durham took us through this excellent night of Lindy Hop.  The Mercury Cafe's QuickSilvers performed (catch it below) and we all said goodbye to our good friends Stefan & Bethany!

The Mercury Cafe's very own QuickSilvers debut the choreography of Stefan Durham & Bethany Powell. Stefan & Bethany worked with the QuickSilvers from January to March 2017 teaching them this original choreography. Thank you Stefan & Bethany!!!

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