Thursday Recap: Week 2, April 2017

Beginning Lindy Hop

We're cruising through material, so keep on practicing that basic rhythmic footwork!  Tonight's sequence was: The Liquid Step, Flip Flop, a Swing Out from closed position, a Swing Out from open position, a Circle back into closed position, and a Tuck Turn with a double spin.  Nice work everyone!

Intermediate Lindy Hop

Back to the Basics: Improving Connection! is our April theme, and so we worked on connection drills, beginning first with our own solo movement.  We can't stress enough that connecting to each other through movement is the best way to swing out, and these drills can really help us learn how to connect exactly that way, without holding stiffness and using our core.

We ended class with a fun leadable groove step, and a couple of six count patterns that really challenge Follows to wind into their own frame, and Leaders to communicate well.  We'll see you next week!


What a fun night with DJ's Anthony Carusiello & Brittney Caraway!  We also had a performance debut by the Mercury Retros!  We're looking forward to Jeremy Mohney who is playing next week... see you there!

...and the same routine (different folks) performed on Sunday, April 16th!

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