Thursday Recap: Week 3, April 2017

Beginning Lindy Hop

We added an inside turn to our Swing Outs, and then circled up into side by side Charleston.  After learning the Kick-Ups, we peeled off down the line back to our partner and led a rock-step-hold to finish off tonight's material!

Intermediate Lindy Hop

With our Back to the Basics: Improving Connection! theme we went all the way back to our fundamental connecting point... the bounce!  We also worked on Chaine Turns to improve our connection with the floor, spinning, and our own bodies.  Finishing up, we practiced with a Lead/Follow turning exercise, very clearly differentiating the feel of 1, 2, or 3 spins within the framework of Tuck Turns & Flip Flops.  Nice work everyone!


Jeremy Mohney played tonight, and there was a special encore for those who stayed!  Pure joy!

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