Swing Nights' Media Round-Up for the Week of September 30th!

Media Round-Up!

On the last day of September we had a great night dancing to the incredible Jeremy Mohney Band! If you missed it, don’t miss them on Thursday, October 25th the next time they’re playing a Lindy Jam. Jeremy has a got-to-hear-it-to-believe-it voice, and for this show it was a treat to hear him wail on clarinet. Jeremy is usually on alto sax, and he makes both instruments sing like no other!

On Thursday we started a new session of Lindy Hop, and as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we’re super excited about our “Mini-Jam Sequence Routines” theme for Intermediate class. The other fun thing is meeting a new crew of people who are interested in learning to swing dance for the first time. Sometimes, when I talk to people who’ve been absent from the scene for a couple of years, they come back and say, “I don’t know anyone anymore!” It makes sense that life happens: our jobs, loved ones, difficult life choices, etc. can pull us from the weekly swing dance community. The good news is that the scene is always there for anyone who’s ready to jump back in. It’s an interesting place, being able to see people enter the community, there’s so much fun and learning to be had, and meeting new students is witnessing the slow, yet inevitable evolution of our community. It’s exciting and vibrant!

We take it very seriously, being able to introduce this dance to so many people. It’s a healthy dance that respects all people. At it’s core: there’s no place for racism, sexism, or ageism in Lindy Hop! This amazing dance originated from people of color and it’s history is one of connecting people to each other, and people to music. It doesn’t get much better than that, and we try our best to honor that legacy. See you on the dance floor! -Ceth & Dani

About our Media Round Up: We spend a lot of time each week editing photos of y’all and trying to capture how fun it is to be a part of the Swing Nights’ community. Whether you make it to the Lindy Jam or a Sunday night it’s always a blast! And while we do share these photos on social media, we’d like to make them available to everyone at a higher resolution and have them on our own site too.

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“Watching a Scary Movie!” 9/30/18

From the Gallery

Beginner Lindy Hop, Week 1, October 2018

Intermediate Lindy Hop, Week 1, October 2018