Swing Nights' Media Round-Up for the week of September 23rd!

Media Round-Up!

It’s always so much fun to dance to live music! This week we had two great bands: William and the Romantics on Sunday and Déjà Swing on Thursday. Thank you to all the wonderful musicians who inspire our feet to move. Also a big shout out to Alan Davies who was our DJ on Thursday night for all of those set breaks! For the Lindy Jam, look forward to La Pompe Jazz on Oct. 18th and Jeremy Mohney on Oct. 25th, as well as our weekly LIVE music every Sunday night!

We finished up our September Lindy Hop class series on the 27th, and our theme for the Intermediate class, “Connection Tune-Up” is really one of our favorites. We love getting into the nitty gritty of connection and making our dancing not only look, but feel great. It was also so much fun to see dancers get “out of their box” when they started to connect with story prompts. Lindy Hop isn’t just a series of steps and moves that we chain together, it’s an art and conversation between two people. Our good friend AD put it an interesting way, “As Lindy Hoppers, we’re just two Jazz dancers holding hands.” Isn’t that great? If we really begin listening to each other on the dance floor our conversations are going to have so much more depth, spontaneity, and joy, and isn’t that what we’re all really looking for?

We hope you’ll join us for the rest of our October series! The Intermediate theme is “mini-jam sequences!” We’ll be learning a new short choreo each and every week that will challenge your dancing and hopefully inspire you to jump into the next jam circle. Have a great week and we’ll see you on the dance floor! -Ceth & Dani

About our Media Round Up: We spend a lot of time each week editing photos of y’all and trying to capture how fun it is to be a part of the Swing Nights’ community. Whether you make it to the Lindy Jam or a Sunday night it’s always a blast! And while we do share these photos on social media, we’d like to make them available to everyone at a higher resolution and have them on our own site too.

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“Donuts!” 9/23/18

From the Gallery

Beginner Lindy Hop, Week 4, September 2018

Intermediate Lindy Hop, Week 4, September 2018